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What to Look for in a 10×20 Grow Tent

If you have decided that a 10×20 grow tent is the ideal one to use then you must be sure that this is what you want to do. You will get a big yield thanks to more space there is in the tent. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, what you may not know are the qualities to look for in a grow tent that big. While some of the attributes the tent must possess are the same as those of smaller tents, some must-haves are different. Here is a look at the things to look for in 10×20 grow tent.

Strong and tall frame

The frame is what will be holding all the components of the grow tent and so it should be up to the task. Since this is a big tent the weight will be a lot and so the tent’s frame needs to be sturdy enough to hold all this. Choose a tent with the strongest frame you can afford. Only a strong frame will be able to serve you for a long time without breaking. Be sure to confirm the maximum weight the frame can carry.

This is not like a 4×4 grow tent that you can operate without having to get into the tent. You will be required to actually get into the tent so as to tend for the crops and care for them. Therefore the tent needs to have a height that is not only enough to accommodate your crop’s maximum height but your own as well. Get a 10×20 grow tent that is tall enough for you to walk around without bumping into the roof.

Thick fabric with several doors and viewing windows

The fabric used in making the tent needs to be thick so as not to allow any light to escape. This means that the plants in the tent will get all the warmth they require. Ensure that the inner surface is reflective for maximum light retaining.

To allow you access to the grow tent, consider getting a 10×20 grow tent that has more than one door. Most preferably buy one that has doors on each side to allow you easy access. To allow you to view the plants without having to get into the tent choose one that has large clear windows. The zippers enclosing these openings should be made of a high quality material and light-proof when closed. The seams should also be well fastened with thick threading so no single ray of light escapes to the outside.

Sturdy flood pool if you are considering Hydro

If you would like to use hydroponics as your preferred means of cultivation, ensure 10×20 grow tent you purchase has a strong food pool. This will hold any excess water in case of accidental spillages. With this you can rest easy knowing that the room where your tent is, is safe from floods. Look at the seams to ensure they are sturdy enough not to reap when put under pressure by any flood water that may occur.