How to Find Cheap Grow Tents

Finding the best grow tent can be a daunting task for many indoor gardeners. Nowadays, there are many brands of grow tents available on the market. Unfortunately, there a low-quality tents that will not give you value for the money. Are there cheap grow tents that meet your indoor growing needs? In fact, many reputable dealers will provide you with high-quality tents at affordable prices. After coming across a cheap tent on the market, you will want to know if it is of high quality. Here is what you should look for in the grow tents for sale.

#1. Fabric density and strength

The density of grow tents can range from 120D to 1680D. The densest tent offer maximum strength and durability. Moreover, the strongest fabric can keep off smell and diseases out of your grow tent. Also, such tents will not allow light to leak out of the tent.

#2. Heat resistance

Whether you need 4×4 grow tent, 8×8 grow tent, or 10×10 grow tent; this is an important factor to consider. If you are using high-energy lights, you will need a tent that withstands extreme temperatures in the grow room. Moreover, your tent should be able to withstand fires in case of the accidents in the grow room. You will find grow tents for sale that offer excellent heat resistance.

#3. Reflective material 

High quality grow tent is made of high-quality reflective material. This ensures that maximum light from the grow lights is reflected back to the plants. However, not all grow tents have the same reflectivity. In this case, you should look for a tent that has offer close to 100 percent reflectivity. This will help you find cheap grow tents that have high quality. The reflective mylar patterns will vary depending on the manufacturer. In this case, a diamond-patterned mylar offer the best reflective quality.

#4. Zipper Durability 

Zippers are the first point of failure in the grow tent. Since they are used regularly, poorly constructed zippers tend to wear and tear easily. In this case, the tent should have large zippers that are easier to use.

#5. Frame and pole strength

All grow tent structure are constructed with interlocking poles. The strength of the structure will depend on the material used in pole construction. You should consider poles that are made of high-quality metal instead of plastics. Also, some manufacturers offer poles that have height-adjusting capability. Therefore, such grow tents are ideal if your plants require more vertical space in the grow room. You should look for poles that have snapping mechanism to ensure that they are firmly locked in place.

#6. Viewing windows

This provides you with the convenience of viewing the progress of your plants without interfering with the indoor growing environment. In this case, you should consider grow tents that have large viewing windows.

#7. Flood tray

This is very handy in the event of hydro system failure. When placed at the bottom of the grow tent, the flood tray will hold liquids from accidental nutrient solutions and water spills.

Find high-quality yet cheap growing tents can be an uphill task for many indoor growers. Are you looking for 4×4 grow tent, 8×8 grow tent, or 10×10 grow tent? Then the above tips will help you find high-quality grow tents at affordable costs.